QingHai No.2 Machine Tool Manufacture Co.,Ltd.

Qinghai No.2 machine tool manufacture co.,ltd. It is reorganized on the basis of Qinghai No.2 machine tool works.Before reorganized,it is a large ,second-class enterprise producing more than 100 kinds of machines.It has the ability of advanced development and manufacture.The main products are as follows:A series of spline milling machines,a series of long or short thread milling machines,helix rotor milling machines and their complete equipment(rotor tool sharpening machines, rotor tool measuring machines, rotor engagement apparatus),tap made complete equipment(including tap relieving grinder,tap square end grinder, flute grinding machine, point grinder),CNC crankshaft lath, CNC crankshaft corner rolling machine, CNC high speed crankshaft milling machine,CNC camshaft milling machine ,spline rolling machine, hob relieving grinder,worm grinder,CNC screw rod milling machine, etc.Now it mainly produces NC products with many kinds,multiple levels and can meet more needs,the products are sold well at the domestic market and a part of them are sold to Southeast Asia.

QingHai No.2 Machine Tool Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
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